Capsule Filling Machine


The only capsule filling machine designed and manufactured by Italian Maestro for R&D and Small production.

Designed & Manufactured in Italy.

Dedalo DX - Capsule Filler
DEDALO DX Encapsulator

Accurate. Reliable. Performing.
Capsule Filling Machine

4.000 capsules/hour

R&D, Pilot, Small-Mid Batches

21 Dosing Combinations

Powder - DPI - Pellets - Liquids - Mini Tablets - Tablets - Capsules

In line weight checker

1mg Accuracy - Auto capsule ejection.

All in one & Easy to Park

180 (h) x 60 (w) x 70 (l) cm / 200 (kg).

Time Saver

10min for device & format change-over

Value for Money

Affordable performance.


Need a mixing combination?
8+ Filling Devices.
21 Filling combinations.

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Tamping & Dosator

Scale up made it easier

DEDALO capsule filler is equipped with 2 of the most popular powder dosing systems allowing direct scale up to production equipment: Tamping and Dosator available.

Powder - DPI - Pellets - Liquids - Mini Tablets - Tablets - Capsules

Improve Accuracy & Save API

One to one capsule weight check. 1mg accuracy. Automatic capsule ejection. Operational efficiency.

Capsule Filler Dedalo DX-02 Weight Checker
Dedalo 3 views.001

Compact, light and moving!

Compact & Easy moving design

Dedalo DX-01 light weight design, (200Kg), compact sizing – 180 (h) x 60 (w) x 70 (l) cm – and wheels make it easier to move it around in small and limited areas through doors.

Technical Support & Assistance

No more waiting
for a call back.


Start now to improve operational efficiency, reduce machine downtime, limit inefficiency and operator frustration with Hudi Digital Assistant Apps.  


Digital Configurator

Make your own machine or order spare parts. Project feasibility, features and more.

Digital Platform

Training, tutorials & trouble shooting live sessions. Machine statistics.

Digital Assistance

Peer to peer assistance. Remote FAT/SAT. Live video & chat technical assistance. 

Designed by Italian Maestro

Love it or hate it. But you cannot ignore it.

The only capsule filler designed by a team of Italian Maestro led by formulation scientists in partnership with designers & mechanical engineers. 

On Trend

Made by Italian Maestro

Grow with confidence