Process Validation: Smarter Manufacturingdata management.

Process Validation: Smarter Manufacturing data management.

Process Validation: Smarter Manufacturing data management. Data is prevalent through all functions of the Life Science industry. Its value impacts many disciplines throughout an organization, and while the use of data by discipline varies, it always involves: Gathering and aggregating multiple types of data from multiple sources Making that data available across an organization Subjecting […]

Fixed Dose Combinations in Capsules.

FDC single dosage capsule

Fixed Dose Combinations in Capsules Technological innovation has become increasingly critical for pharmaceutical companies as they struggle to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. Industry trends, such as globalization, fast product-cycle times, increased competition, product commoditization, patient-centered approaches, and technology fusions, have added to this importance by creating new avenues of being competitive. Close examination […]

New drug-delivery capsule may replace injections

Capsule to deliver insuline

Can capsule deliver insulin? New technology say yes! Capsule that releases insulin in the stomach could replace injections for patients with type 1 diabetes. An MIT-led research team has developed a drug capsule that could be used to deliver oral doses of insulin, potentially replacing the injections that people with type 1 diabetes have to give […]

Virtual Factory Acceptance Testing: Dos And Don’ts.

Virtual Factory Acceptance Testing

Virtual Factory Acceptance Testing: Dos And Don’ts. Factory acceptance testing (FAT) is a critical process that relies on strong relationships between a life science manufacturer and its equipment vendor, as well as suitable technology and infrastructure. A smooth and successful FAT is often vital to the client’s production timeline. The FAT is performed at the […]

How do you choose the right capsule shell material?

How do you choose the right capsule shell material? Patented in 1834, gelatin a natural water-soluble polypeptide which is obtained from connective tissues, skins and bones of animals has long been used in the pharmaceutical industry to encapsulate solids, semi solids and even liquid drugs owing to its excellent film forming and gelling capacity. It […]

An introduction to Gene & Cell Therapy

Hudi Pharma Cell & Gene Therapy

We want to talk about Cell & Genes therapy due to their  role in treating diseases with a more profound impact on people and their lives. It is estimated that millions of people globally suffer from more than 10.000 rare diseases caused by mutations of single genes. For these patients, cell and gene therapies offer […]

6 Tips for choosing a Contract Manufacturing Partner

Tablets & Capsule Manufacturing

In recent years, the Pharma manufacturing industry has revolutionized quite significantly. The market has become very competitive which creates the need for manufacturing companies to improve their performance levels, provide on-time delivery and streamline expenses as well. Whenever you have a project, the biggest dilemma you face is settling for a manufacturer. Many are the […]

5 Pharma Trends & Impact on packaging


The pharmaceutical industry is changing at an unprecedented pace. New biological treatments for cancer, and a dramatic rise of widespread diseases such as diabetes, call for new processing and packaging solutions to fulfill the different needs all over the world. Keep your eye on these five main packaging trends for 2020 for the global pharmaceutical […]

Oral Dosage Form: advantages & disadvantages

We have talked about suppository dosage forms in one of our post and it’s now time to go over other medical delivery forms and their significance. Dosage form of a medication is the mean by which it reaches its action site.   Oral dosage forms are usually the most convenient choice. As known worldwide, taking a medicine […]