6 Tips for choosing a Contract Manufacturing Partner

Tablets & Capsule Manufacturing

In recent years, the Pharma manufacturing industry has revolutionized quite significantly. The market has become very competitive which creates the need for manufacturing companies to improve their performance levels, provide on-time delivery and streamline expenses as well. Whenever you have a project, the biggest dilemma you face is settling for a manufacturer. Many are the […]

5 Pharma Trends & Impact on packaging


The pharmaceutical industry is changing at an unprecedented pace. New biological treatments for cancer, and a dramatic rise of widespread diseases such as diabetes, call for new processing and packaging solutions to fulfill the different needs all over the world. Keep your eye on these five main packaging trends for 2020 for the global pharmaceutical […]

Oral Dosage Form: advantages & disadvantages

We have talked about suppository dosage forms in one of our post and it’s now time to go over other medical delivery forms and their significance. Dosage form of a medication is the mean by which it reaches its action site.   Oral dosage forms are usually the most convenient choice. As known worldwide, taking a medicine […]

EU & USA – Facility Mutual Recognition Agreement

MRA Regulation EU - USA

EU and US reach a milestone in mutual recognition of inspections of medicines manufacturers. With the recognition by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of Slovakia, the European Union and the United States have now fully implemented the mutual recognition agreement (MRA) for inspections of manufacturing sites for certain human medicines in their respective territories.  “We welcome the […]

Innovations in Pediatric Drug Formulations and Administration

Mother & Son

Interesting research article on pediatric medicine administration in low resource settings and the role of suppository form. Worth a reading.  Here a quick abstract of the article to set the contest.   The authors of the paper are:  1) Stephen E. Gerrard – Global Health and Global Development Divisions, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle, WA […]

Suppository form: advantage & disadvantage

Preformed suppository torpedo shape peel-off

To know suppository form advantages over other delivery form is important to make a good choice. When the time of decision is right you have to be ready and prepared.  And that’s why here below you can find a vademecum on the advantage & disadvantage of suppository form. Take a look and make sure to […]

Packaging speaks green

Packaging speaks green - Hudi Pharma 2020

The Hudi Pharma team contributed to the Packaging Speaks Green international forum held in Bologna, Italy in Feb 2020.  And the Hudi Team did provide an active view on it’s own manufacturing best practices developed over years of testing. But this is not enough, it’s fundamental to keep improving manufacturing practice and experience. Experiencing with […]