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The beauty and personal care industry, projected to exceed $750B in revenue by 2032, is evolving rapidly with trends like Clean Beauty, Health & Wellness, Inclusivity, and Sustainability. To stay ahead, Nielsen IQ’s BASES report underscores that prioritizing innovation triples the likelihood of sales growth.

Why choose CDMOs to enhance innovation?

  • Dynamic Collaboration: Collaborate closely with CDMOs to understand unique needs, enabling tailored solutions and swift realization of your innovation vision.
  • Speed to Market: CDMOs expedite product launches efficiently through concept collaboration, raw material partnerships, and flexible manufacturing.
  • Consistent Evolution: In an era where hero SKUs are not enough, CDMOs provide continuous innovation to meet evolving consumer needs.


Partnering with a CDMO

  • Strategic Extension: CDMOs act as strategic extensions, bringing years of industry experience to drive innovation and support launches of all sizes.
  • Certified Facilities: Access GMP, ISO, and FDA certified facilities for diverse and quality product development.


Innovation Division Assistance

  • Holistic R&D Services: Leverage dedicated innovation divisions for a full suite of R&D and Innovation services, tapping into an extensive “innovation ecosystem” network.
  • Custom Innovations: From biomimetic oral care to zero waste body care, innovation divisions design groundbreaking products efficiently.


Flexibility for Your Innovation Process

  • Tailored Partnerships: CDMOs offer flexible capabilities catering to brands of all sizes, supporting from concept generation to manufacturing.
  • Trusted Partners: Partner with CDMOs as trusted collaborators, recognized for product performance and quality globally.


Industry Insights for Innovation Managers

  • “Implement strategies leveraging industry experience, prioritize customer needs, and evolve with market trends for successful innovation.”


Future-Proofing Your Innovation

  • Continuous Evolution: Stay ahead with CDMOs, utilizing recent industry insights to drive new processes and capabilities for your evolving innovation needs.


Final Advice to Innovation Managers

  • Strategic Support: In a fast-paced Beauty and Personal Care Industry, partnering with a CDMO is not just beneficial; it’s crucial for your innovation success. “Understanding industry trends, a CDMO promises to be your growth partner.”


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