6 Tips for choosing a Contract Manufacturing Partner

Tablets & Capsule Manufacturing

In recent years, the Pharma manufacturing industry has revolutionized quite significantly. The market has become very competitive which creates the need for manufacturing companies to improve their performance levels, provide on-time delivery and streamline expenses as well. Whenever you have a project, the biggest dilemma you face is settling for a manufacturer. Many are the times when people have gotten frustrated when they partner up with the wrong manufacturing service provider for the job. To avoid this, it is paramount that you do your research on the various service providers available, what they offer and if they meet your needs.

Let us look at some 6 very useful tips:

    • Experience and Capacity
    • Certifications
    • Communication and Customer Experience
    • Equipment and Technology
    • Personnel
    • Financial Stability

#1 Experience or Qualification

When vetting the various providers to establish a good fit for you, experience and capacity are some items that should be on the top of your qualifications list. You need to find out if your contract manufacturer is experienced and if they have the Capacity to produce the level of quality products you are looking for.

#2 Certifications

Do ensure that your contract manufacturer’s facilities meet all the required standards by the relevant regulatory bodies. Find out if their manufactured products are legit. Ensure that they can get certifications for existing products. If there is the need for expanding distribution to other overseas destinations, or outside the borders within which they operate, find out if the service provider can get the proper certifications that are required to penetrate the new market.

#3 Communication and Customer Experience

Choose a contract manufacturing partner who values their customers. A provider who understands the formulation, delivery form and entire project from beginning to end offers the client better value.  This company is able to handle all aspects of your project from products, equipment, devices and various components in a myriad of industries. They mean it when they say that they are your partner all the way through product progress, formulation, production, packaging and completion. Poor communication and updates of the progress can be quite frustrating to the customer.

#4 Equipment and Technology

It is important that you find a provider whose technology roadmap is way much ahead of your own. They should have these tools in their possession, at least have access to them within their network. This means that they are able to advise you on new products in the market giving you a chance to stand out with up to date products. With new technology, it means that the cost of production is relatively low, and it takes a much shorter period to finalize on a certain product. A good contract manufacturing partner is one who has kept abreast of all technological advancements and implements the same on your project.

#5 Personnel

It is important to note that manufacturing is a process that rises and falls on people. This starts right from the people at the top and trickles all the way down to the bottom. Are the managers and operation personnel competent? It is also important to consider if your team blends in well with their team for a successful project. Lastly, your contract manufacturing partner’s training process is something that you have a legitimate interest in as much you are not directly involved in their hiring process. The team they bring on board ensures that your proper line is matched to the proper skill level.

#6 Financial Stability

Deciding on the right contract manufacturer means that you will look ahead of time to predict disruptions that can be caused by mismanaged inventory, contractor delays, equipment failure, and inadequate supplier capacity. A financially stable contract manufacturing partner will ensure that in case of any financial risks, they are solvent to continue with your project without any hiccups.

Choosing a contract manufacturing partner is a process that entails a lot of factors to consider and questions to ask, making it an arduous one.  The above are just but a few tips that will ease the process for you by way of ensuring that your bases are covered.