Packaging speaks green

The Hudi Pharma team contributed to the Packaging Speaks Green international forum held in Bologna, Italy in Feb 2020.  And the Hudi Team did provide an active view on it’s own manufacturing best practices developed over years of testing. But this is not enough, it’s fundamental to keep improving manufacturing practice and experience. Experiencing with new materials to replace PVC used for preformed packaging is key. 

However, we need to bear in mind that PVC is only one of the few materials fully recyclable. And therefore we need to keep investing in R&D and encourage end user to recycle finished products.

It has been a great experience for the whole team and an opportunity to share & learn best industry practices. But it’s not enough and the industry needs keep improving to be on the right path for better products and a better planet. 

An open-mind approach to packaging development is key to make a difference. This is the only way to improve quality and sustainability. 

We own it to next generation and to the planet itself.

Let’ keep inspiring changes without compromise.