Excipient suppository base

Suppository base excipient.
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Our suppository excipients / bases have been optimized to provide excellent drug delivery for both solid and liquid APIs, across a range of water solubility. 

They are are semi-synthetic hard fat bases comprising fatty acid esters.

We have no limitation to the quantities and about the deliveries. We currently ship from 20kg up to tons of our products all over the World. It doesn’t matter where is your facility, our team will get to you guaranteeing the best service available.

We offer a wide range of suppository bases. Identify the best product for your purpose and ask the related technical sheet to our team which will be pleased to help you.

Each suppository base is defined by a unique composition which determines the main physicochemical properties (such as its melting range, hydroxyl value and other ones better described into the related technical sheet).

Formulation support, you never feel alone. Our formulation scientist can help to identify the appropriate suppository or pessary base for your API and manufacturing equipment. 

Why to choose our base excipients?

  •  Pharmacopeia  conformity (EP, USP- NF, JP/JPE, ChP)
  •  Best interaction with the mucosal
  •  Limited melting range to guarantee the best performance
  •  Optimal physicochemical stability and Excellent drug dispersion
  •  Guaranteed to be processed by the best manufacturing machinery
  •  Highest quality control standards : CE & GMP compliant

Make your choice ?

Ready to pick your suppository base excipients. Don’t wait too long and start browsing our full range. 

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