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Hudi Pharma is a premium supplier of contract manufacturing services for your private label production:  suppositories & vaginal ovules. We supply manufacturing services to pharmacies, small businesses, laboratories and multinational companies.

At Hudi Pharma we are proud to be a premium provider of services and machineries required for the manufacturing of natural and medical suppository & vaginal ovules: from formulation to finished packaging.

Thanks to our expertise and our valuable partners in the world of suppository we can now provide to our customers the opportunity to have their private label production fully outsourced with no frills and at a very affordable costs.

You have your own formulation and want to keep it? No problem, send us your finished product and we take care of the rest. You will get back the packaged suppository in your desired box ready for shipping to your customers. Or if you prefer we can also take care of shipping to your retail network.

Suppository & Vaginal ovule Contract Manufacturing


Medical Device

Suppository Packaging

10.000 min. batch
0,75 to 3.5 cc capacity
PVC / PE & Aluminum
Torpedo & Ovule shape
Tear off and Peel off opening
Printed / Unprinted

Hudi Team

Account manager
Formulation scientists
Professional operators

Additional services

Cartoning & leaflet production
Delivery to your retail network

Quality Control

Lean manufacturing standards
GMP compliant facilities

Production time:

60 full day average depending on formulations

A team of specialists to help you

Top quality suppository products

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Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! Get in touch to find out more and request a free quotation! Moreover, we cooperate with certified Italian laboratories to provide all the additional services that your product may require to fully manage the production process, hassle free!  



(+39) 347.86.76.760



(+39) 347.86.76.760​